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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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award ceremonies on september 10th and september 18th's primetime telecast. ndnd h
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a deadly crash at a west virginia airshow, now the ntsb and faa are stepping in to find out what went wrong. another game in the win column for the redskins, what went right and not a moment too soon. this chillylike fall weekend, can we expect a workweek warm-up?
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we've got those answers. >> good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. we begin with an update to the airshow crash in west virginia. the pilot was a highly decorated former air force fighter pilot who died. >> federal investigators are going over the wreckage of the vintage plane to figure out the cause. fox 5's karen gray houston is back from west virginia. what did you find out? >> the pilot who died in that horrific crash was jack mangan, a well known and well respected veteran. the ntsb has sent in a team of investigators looking for answers. the accident was tragic for mandin's family, tragic for thousands who watched it happen before their eyes. >> we thought what we saw were pyrotechnics from right here. >> reporter: jimmy powell lives in a cul-de-sac right behind the west virginia air national guard's 167th airlift wing. >> the plume of smoke came off
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the ball of fire actually. it was a ball of fire and then smoke. the fire was quick, flashing quick and then smoke. >> reporter: he and his family watched the whole horrifying spectacle unfold from their backyard. >> as facebook started lighting up all over our cell phones, we had realized that it was actually, you know, the plane wreck. >> reporter: it was jack manndain's last flight, the former air force fighter pilot from concord accident north carolina, had received numerous awards. he flew his world war ii era plane as part of the t-28 aerobatic team known as the trojan horsemen. >> i understand he has about 4,800 hours flight time. >> reporter: federal investigators spent the day mapping the crash site, interviewing pilots, air traffic controllers and other witnesses trying to figure out
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what went so terribly wrong. >> during our interviews of the two pilots flying at the time neither of them reported seeing anything abnormal. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a two-day air show, but sunday's events were canceled and now one big concern is healing. airlift wing commander colonel roger 5 say they're trying to make grief counseling available to anyone having trouble coping. >> we have a lot of people who have seen a real tragedy and a lot of little kids out there. >> reporter: the ntsb says the opposing plane will be equipped with a camera that my help in the investigation. officials a appeal to the public to turn over amateur video that could aid in their probe. >> as for the safety of airshows, no. if it was going on today, i'd be right over there. >> reporter: thousands of people watched that airshow, no one on the ground injured. jack mandin was married with
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three children including a 27- year-old son shawn who said his father was the best pilot he knows. >> karen gray houston, thank you. just days after a brutal murder inside a bowie state dorm room a somber memorial service for the victim. >> domonique frazier was stabbed thursday night, her roommate alexis simpson is charged with her murder. fox 5's matt ackland spent time in the northeast neighborhood where the victim grew up. >> reporter: this is a heartbreaker. domonique frazier was supposed to turn 19 years old today. she had plans to spend the day with her mother here in d.c. instead her family and friends gathered together tonight to say good-bye. >> we still have her with us. >> reporter: just across the street from the home where domonique frazier was raised sunday night her friends and family formed a large circle everyone holding a candle praying for the young life lost. ♪happy birthday to you >> reporter: because this was supposed to be domonique's
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19th birthday, friends brought balloons and there was even a cake. many here still in shock over the violence that took domonique's life. >> we have all these balloons, so a little bit later we're going let the balloons. go we're going to let them, you know, go in heaven where she is. >> reporter: this is a youtube clip domonique made, a poem she wanted the world to hear. according to court documents the violence started because of some kind of dispute over music inside a dorm room at bowie state university. there was a physical altercation and domonique was stabbed. authorities arrested roommate alexis simpson later that night. >> it's all of but when you think you're going -- it's awful because when you think you're going to college to get an education you don't expect to lose your child and it's just bad, really, really bad, two families destroyed. >> reporter: it was easy to see at the vigil how many loved
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domonique. everyone had a story. these two high school friends said no matter how sad they were at times it was domonique who made them smile. >> if you were sad or you had a frown, she'll crack a joke just to make sure you're okay and if you needed anything, she had you no matter what. >> reporter: the suspect alexis simpson is sitting in a prince george's county county jail tonight. the most serious charge against her is first degree murder. let us switch gears now. did you watch the game today? >> only parts of it and, you know, i think this is what fans have waited for. it's a new team in many respects. it feels like it and guess what? things are starting out good. >> the redskins at home looking to start the season 2-0 for the first time in four seasons. >> now did you watch? >> yes. >> so then you agree today was kind of a roller coast? >> yes. >> that's how everyone is sort of describing the ride against the cardinals and it really
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went down to the final minute. dave feldman is standing by in the newsroom. something to smile about. >> absolutely, guys. last season the redskins had all kinds of trauma in their locker room. this year all the players say it's a happy place. last season the team won two games at home the entire year. this season they won two games at home in two games, pick it up 4th quarter cards and redskins, cards lead 14-13. kevin kolb takes a hit but still manages to connect with larry fitzgerald. 73 yards for the touchdown, 21- 13, cardinals on top. five minutes remaining. redskins facing 4th and 3. rex grossman, santana moss, two- point conversion no good, so the redskins are down two, 21- 19. buck 45 left. graham go notice with a go ahead 34-yard field goal made three of four and the redskins in front 22-21. cardinals next possession, kolb to chansi stuckey. he's drilled by byron westbrook, fumbles, recovers and it ices the game.
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redskins rally 22-21. rex grossman 2-0 as a starter and the skins win. >> you got to find a way to win. we had our opportunities in the 1st 456 and you stub your toe -- 1st half and you stub your toe, sometimes it's hard to fight back in the 4th quarter to find a way to win and it shows a lot of character to move the ball the way we did and not get in the end zone and get behind and still find a way to come back in the 4th quarter and win. it takes a team working extremely hard, everybody pulling the same direction and i'm really proud of them the way they fought today and stood in there with a little adversity. >> here's the one thing you'll say about mike shanahan's press conference, if you didn't know the score and just heard him speak, you could not tell if the redskins won or loss. coming up on nissan sports xtra more on hightower's homecoming and grossman's big game. back to you, guys. >> poker face, just don't get too excited yet. season is still nearly look, i
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say get excited. 2-0 is just fine. >> better than previous years. is there in fighting at the white house over the direction of the war on terror? >> we are talking to a retired military intelligence colonel to get his take. he another roadblock to freedom for two american hikers jailed in iran, when they may be able to make bail. >> that's coming up including your five-day forecast as this late version of the 10:00 news continues right here on fox 5. i say get excited! woo-hoo!  cksi
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we talked football the last segment and today's weather certainly was football weather. >> we had sweaters and all kinds of stuff out. >> i'm not sure if i agree with you. >> naturally. i was at the pool before work. >> what? >> i think part of the day was warm. >> you were at the pool really? >> you settle this, gwen. how about it? >> all i can remember, will, is you talking about wearing boots.
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all right. well, anyway we had a lot of clouds today, not a lot of sun and let's look at our temperatures. we'll show you where we hit today pool weather or not. actually this is what it is now, 65 degrees at national airport with 68% humidity and easterly wind at 3 miles per hour. our high today was 68 at national, 69 at dulles and 70 degrees atmosphere baltimore, a little tool for the pool. tonight we're talking mostly cloudy -- cool for the pool. tonight we're talking mostly cloudy skies, in the low 50s in the suburbs, an evernight low in the mid-50s, a light -- overnight low in the mid-50s, a light wind at 5 miles an hour northeasterly. i'll have the details later and let you know if you should be going to the pool or not tomorrow. the war on terror is a global war and it's a focus shift from afghanistan. the waters are becoming more difficult to navigate. a new york times article says the obama administration's legal team is split over how much latitude the united states
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has to kill islamist militants in yemen and somalia. retired air force colonel southern blayton is here with us tonight. from my understanding this debate centers on whether the u.s. can take out not only high value individuals, but also the thousands of low level foot soldiers. first what are high value individuals? >> basically high value individuals are those people at the top echelon of organizations like al-qaeda or somebody like moammar gadhafi, the head of the libyan regime. these people are the most important ones that we're going after and they have the moniker of high value individuals or high value targets. >> why not go after them and their under lings? why this debate? >> well, it does make sense as long as you know who you're going after. if you have real proof that high value targets or individuals are, in fact, those that are responsible for terrorist acts against us, that's perfectly legal and
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fine. once you get below the high value individuals to their foot soldiers, it becomes more difficult. generally speaking, they are fair game as well because like with any army or any kind of concerted military force you're going to have people who are part and parcel of that organization and share the same goals. >> right. >> so that's why they're important to have. >> am i hearing the u.s. can only attack in self-defense and, if, so how do you define that? >> well, self-defense cannot only be a situation where you go after a a target that has attacked -- after a target that has attacked us, but it can be a form of reception. if you go after people -- form of preempting. it is still permissible within the laws of warfare. >> it seems to me this whole thing is theoretical. >> there are some pray practical applications. there's -- some practical applications. there's obviously a theoretical
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aspect, but the practical aspect is how do you target people and go after the organizations? when you go after them in a way that makes sense from a military standpoint, then you will attack not only the top echelon, but also the foot soldiers working for that high value individual. >> in my last few seconds, am i hearing you are in support of the u.s. attacking these high value individuals and their underlings? >> yes. as long as we have proof these people are part and parcel of an organization that means to attack us, then i am all in favor of eliminating the threat. >> thank you so much for your insight this evening. >> my pleasure. the world's attention will be focused on dozens of world leaders attending this week's united nation's general assembly. among the big issues, a bid for palestinian statehood. >> reporter: united nations secretary general ban ki-moon says the agented a for this year's general a accept -- the agenda for this year's general assembly in new york are more
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crowded than ever, the global economic crisis, familiar in and the middle east are the topics. >> we live in a time when there's this huge disconnect between the way the political system works and the way the economic system works. >> reporter: president obama sideline meetings and speech are expected to focus on the struggle for freedom and democratic transitions in these regions and mid-east peace efforts. the world will be watching palestinian president ahmadinejad to see if he pushes for a vote on palestinian statehood despite a threat of a veto by the united states and israeli opposition. previous attempts at negotiations between israeli and palestinian authorities have failed, but israel and the u.s. believe the only path to palestinian statehood is through direct peace talks. >> whatever happens with the united nations really depends quite profoundly on whether it's also possible to establish a basis for a new debt
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negotiation. the difficulty is we haven't had proper negotiations now for really quite a long time. >> reporter: and the united nations agreed to give libya's u.n. seat to members of the rebels national transitional council after rebels ousted long time dictator moammar gadhafi last month. security is expected to be tight all around new york city next week as various world leaders will be in town. fox news. the two american hikers in an iranian prison may be one signature away from coming home. shane bauer and josh fattal were arrested more than two years ago while hiking in iraq. the iranian government convicted them last month of spying. there is a deal to release each man on a $500,000 bail and the money apparently is ready, but here's the snag. the judge who has the paperwork is on vacation and the muslim clerics who run the court system haven't said for sure they're willing to release them. so that story not over by a
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long shot. next on this late edition of fox 5 news at 10:00 some rescue dogs are getting a new leash on life. >> oh, i like that. meet some of the lucky pooches and their new parents. @ñ@÷
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if you're looking for a new pet rescue dog, always a good choice. >> as fox 5 photojournalist lance inge shows us, some of these animals need a little extra love. >> you want that one there? >> he's adorable. >> that's a nice dog. >> i love every one of them. doggie! >> are they usually hyper like this? >> we bring them to rescue and i think what's great about lucky dog is we have a dog for everyone, wiggle dogs, old dogs, special needs dog and there's some people out there that just have that in them that they really want to give back that extra bit and take a dog that really needs saving. >> hi, doggie. hi, doggie. >> this is our first dog as a
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family. we both grew up with dogs, but the boys haven't had any dogs. we've lived in africa for six years and we've been promising we'd get a family dog, so this is a big day. >> we have a litter of 11 puppies that arrived yesterday, but we also have some special needs dogs as well. one of those is chief. he's a little the chow mix about own one to 2 years old i think and about -- about 1 to 2 years old i think and about 37 pounds, very sweet. >> he was found tied to a tree or house, but it was an abandoned home in is being. is it was him and another dog. the other dog had such serious heartworm disease he ended up having to be euthanized because he was dying and chief chief was brought in and -- and chief was brought in the shelter and someone realized he was in the pen and had no back feet. it was determined that probably someone or something cut off his back feet. so his legs and the hind legs are kind of uneven.
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>> but he gets around pretty well in spite of it. he needs a special owner or maybe has a little patience, a little time to work with him, take him on walks because he's a little slow on his walk, but he does like to go out. other than that i think he just needs a caring loving home. show off that big smile. there's something special about the way that a rescue dog looks at you like they know what it's like on the other side of the street and they never want to go back. >> it warms your heart to see them and it also breaks your heart when you hear some of the stories of these poor abused pets. >> i hear this all the time, people who have rescue dogs often say there's a level of affection you get from these animals you don't normally get from a dog that you purchase. >> let's hope each and every one of those dogs finds a home. >> including chief. >> yes. and chief is still looking for a home.
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for more information go to coming up on fox 5 news. there have now been three fatal pedestrian crashes in our area in just the last week, what drivers and pedestrians should consider as we continue. t dinner's ready.
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